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Interactive Tutorial. Refback. + 20% in 24 hours.

Robotrade game continues to delight you with new updates. We have added to the game a new interventional tutorial, which will allow to understand the gameplay even faster.

Also in the game appeared automatic refback up to 70%, which can be configured in the "Settings" section.

In honor of the new updates, we extend the action +20% to the replenishment by 24 hours.

Profitable robots! + 20% to the replenishment 24h!

New profitable robots appeared in the RoboTrade. You can purchase new robots in the Turbolobots" section. In addition to new robots, we have updated the security of the project. New updates will additionally protect your account from hacking and stealing funds from your account.

Ahead of the project even more new updates! Follow the news!

In honor of the new update, we give all players +20% to replenish within 24 hours.

Updating the design! Section "Credit"! +20% for 48 hours.

Dear owners of robots! We are glad to inform you about new updates in the project! We have slightly changed the design, so that users can more easily figure out and start making bitcoins! We have opened the section "CREDIT". You can buy more expensive and profitable robots. For all information about the new update, see the "Credit" section.

Ahead of the project, the official opening and opening of new locations. Stay tuned!

In honor of the new update, we give all players +20% for replenishment within 48 hours!

Upgrades for robots! + 15% to replenishment!

Dear players! Robotrade continues to evolve and please you with new updates! Now you can improve your robot any number of times, significantly increasing your profits. Details of the upgrade can be found in the Buy Robot and TurboRobots sections.

Ahead of the project is still a lot of updates - watch the news!

In honor of the new update, we give all players +15% on replenishment within 24 hours!

More profitable robots! + 15% to replenishment!

More profitable robots! + 15% to replenishment! Dear players, we inform you about the launch of the TurboRobots section - more profitable robots are now available to players! With TurboRobots, you can quickly recoup your investment. The number of available robots is limited, so hurry! Thank you for your interest in Robotrade! There are hundreds of new updates ahead!

10 000 users!

Dear users! We are happy to report that more than 10,000 people have registered in the project. We appreciate your confidence in the technical version of the game. The project team is actively preparing new updates!

In honor of this event, we give all players +15% on replenishment! The action will last 48h.